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Hi, I am so happy to have you here!  My name is Stacy and I am a wife, mother of three children and love sharing my ideas to help all moms (parents) out there find realistic ways to make healthy living easy and fun.  I’m a fan of 15-minute dinner ideas (the family won’t complain about) and effective mini workouts that leave you feeling like a rock star for the rest of your day.                                                                

Keep food and fitness simple so you can spend the rest of your time in other ways.  No food shaming here, I have a place for all foods in the diet and let’s not forget there has be something a little sweet after every meal. 

     I am a registered and licensed dietitian nutritionist plus a certified personal trainer.  I absolutely love working with people in all areas of food and fitness.   I keep it real here because I understand the family-loving chaos.  Yes, not every day is perfect but that is okay and keep the focus on consistency.  Thanks for stopping by and hope you find ideas that work for you!                                                                                 –Stacy                                                           

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