Simple & Satisfying

Hey friends!  All things are covered here for a quick and tasty lunch. I even provided a helpful graphic, showing you how to make-your-own balanced meals.  

I tend to steer away from the word balance but here is how I define balance AND this is how you “crack the code” to keep you feeling:

Here’s a little info about all the items:

Flavored tuna packs – Provide a good source of protein with 13 to 20 grams per package. They are really easy on-the-go and shelf stable if you want to stash in your bag or desk drawer, cravings conquered! There are so many varieties to pick from.

Fresh cut vegetable pack – Make your own with fresh cut vegetables or buy one like this item.  If they are clean and cut, you will probably be more likely to reach for them. Add a dip for extra flavor if you want. 

Crackers – Any cracker is fine but to find one that is a bit more filling aim for a cracker with at least two grams of fiber. The woven wheat crackers contain three grams of fiber per serving. 

Fruit – Luckily, most fruits come in their very own “packaging” and serving size.  Any variety is fine.  One medium pair contains 5 grams of fiber.  That is a big deal considering you should be aiming for 25 to 35 grams of fiber each day.

Mini chocolate candies – Serving size is simple and small.  Pick your favorite mini candy for a sweet-tooth-fix dessert, one or two is great to after a meal. 

Enjoy! DD