5 Things to Do to Lose Weight

Wait, let's reframe that. . .

This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart. A topic that has changed paths for me as I grow in my profession.  A topic that I get asked about many, many times.  A topic I want to find peace with and share my message with other women/moms like me. 

As a female,  we unfortunately define ourselves by a number on the scale.  We strive to look like another female that we think looks ideal or perfect in our mind. We tend to get caught in a crazy cycle of fighting with ourselves with weight.

Let’s talk . . .  


Here are the containers that I have mentioned in the podcast. 

Having the right sized containers keeps the focus on the food – keeping the idea of “all foods fit!’ 

Lunch Containers

Vegetable or Fruit Container

Meal Planning for the Week

Click on the picture for the Amazon link and here is one that similar.  Simple tear pad that can be posted the refrigerator.  A handy-dandy tear sheet for the store or when planning out your grocery list. 

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