Breaking down my favorite sparkling waters . . .

Something refreshing and different . . . here is a look into my garage refrigerator, hehehe! 

Sparkling waters are everywhere and many distributors are taking on their own brand with exciting flavor combinations and varieties.  Many companies are providing bolder new flavor combinations and some are even adding a small amount of 100% fruit juice plus carbonated water. There are so many to pick from and wanted to feature my favorites.

So, have you tried them? It seems to be, you either love ’em or hate ’em.  I get it, at first my taste buds were saying, “Hmmm . . . do I like this?”   And it did take some time getting used to the flavor, but now I am all about trying each and every one of them. 

So, let’s take a look at each brand. 

Target’s Good & Gather:  Very impressive, there are other flavors such as ginger & peach, cranberry citrus, lime, coconut & pineapple, grapefruit, cucumber mint, and watermelon.  For a generic brand, I find this variety to have more flavor than other brands and the price point is spot on!

AHA Flavored Sparkling Waters: Interesting flavor combinations that are surprisingly delicious and satisfying.  I have even tried cherry + coffee and enjoyed it but only in the morning.  The small amount of caffeine after a bike ride did not leave me feeling very good. I have included a link to water for more information. This brand is definitely my #1 pick right now (wink, wink). 

Bubly Sparkling Waters: This brand was an absolute staple for me for many months.  The flavor is more apparent and many fun new varieties to pick from. Still my top favorites are mango, raspberry and blackberry. 

 Aldi PurAqua Belle Vie Bold Sparkling Waters: A generic sparkling water with a punch of flavor.   I have tried cherry lime, blackberry cucumber and strawberry pineapple.  They are just as flavorful as other sparkling waters and note the bold for this variety really adds more flavor than their conventional brand.

LaCroix Sparkling Waters:  If LaCroix has a new flavor, I definitely want to try!  I have found a new flavor – Pasteque (Watermelon).  Watermelon flavors are either good or bad, ha!  But I do enjoy this flavor.  LaCroix has a bunch of flavors and depending upon the flavor, I feel like it rates a tad lower on the flavor booster than the brands above (just my opinion). 

Well, here they are . . . some of my favorites! I found a wonderful article if you are questioning any of the health benefits or concerns.  I could have researched and written this myself, but it was very well written by another registered dietitian! 

                      Carbonated (Sparkling) Waters: Good or Bad? from Healthline

Enjoy! D