Whoa, this little 10-minute workout was a doozy but I was so happy to work my arms and abs in a short amount of time.  I got done with a run and the kids and puppy were still sleeping so I thought I could get in a super short strength workout – and this is what I came up with! I went a bit heavier in weights because my time was crunched and let me say, my abs and arms were sore the next day. 

But that is my point, strength training or cardio really does NOT have to be that long in order to feel better in your body.  I think time factor is one of the most common barriers of exercise. “I just don’t have time to workout.”  Yes, I totally understand and some days, I do not even feel like working out but if I just do 10 to 15 minutes on most days, I usually feel better and even eat better.  It is a circle that goes round and round.  

Shout out to me! Have you tried this workout? How did you feel after?  

I like wrapping my mind around its ONLY three exercises and I can do three rounds.  The self-talk when I workout is at 100%, ha!  If I am not talking to my dog, I am talking to myself these days and I am in the mindset, if it works then keep doing it.  I hope you enjoy friends.