These breakfast ideas have been some of the most popular posts! So let’s talk about them . . .

If you are craving something sweet like a donut, here is an idea to try to satisfy your sweet tooth!  Oh my chocolate goodness! Very filling with added protein in the mix, this is definitely a crowd-pleaser. 

Make this easy bake and breakfast is done for the week!  Packed with nutritious ingredients, such as mushrooms and more – it is also packed with a good amount of protein to keep you satisfied all morning. Add a side of fruit and whole-grain toast for a complete breakfast. 

These mini muffins are incredibly easy with minimal ingredients.  Bake once and you have breakfast and snack for a couple weeks, or if you are like me, may be a couple days.  The muffins are made with a protein mix and blueberries are the star of the recipe that melt in your mouth.  Pair two to  five mini muffins with a boosting Berry & Spinach Smoothie.  Just delightful! 

Enjoy friends! DD