No gym, no problem! So perfect if you want to get a workout in at home. 

Today I’m sharing my go-to mini workout videos on YouTube, particularly PopSugar’s channel. They have so many more videos that are awesome.

My first pick, is this yoga flow. It is so helpful before a run or the day after a run, or just to wake up and get going!

1) Debloat and Detox with some Flat-Belly Yoga

Next…some cardio and weights…

I’m a fan a Autumn Calabrese. I’ve done many of her workouts from Beachbody including: 21 Day Fix, 80-Day Obsession, A Little Obsessed and 21-Day Fix Extreme. She’s so likable and these two workouts are great previews to her many programs.

2) 15-Minute Full-Body Workout: Fast and Furious Calorie Burn

3) 20-Minute Total Body Sculpt and Tone with Autumn Calabrese

This video is only 5 minutes! Well, six minutes, that includes a little talk (intro, etc.) It is a great burn to help tone the arms. Even a five-pound weight is tough!

4) Sexy Arms and Sleek Shoulders Workout

Holy smokes, this one is a doozy! Whew, but in 10-minutes, you work your core like crazy while getting a little sweaty.

5) Reveal you Six-Pack with this Fat-Blasting, Ab-Sculpting Workout

Well, I have many more videos to share! Comment if you want to see more of my favorites! These videos make it hard to come up with excuses to just get a little workout in 😉😘.