Lunch or dinner on the grill = summertime bliss! A light simple dinner with in-season produce mimics everything wonderful about this season.  Fruit and veggies are always easier to eat when they taste at their prime.  And yes, a fresh homemade guacamole (which I will feature this week) is ever-addicting with salty tortilla chips and a favorite drink.  But not only is it the time for great produce, I want to feature some great items for the grill.  Grilling is a great option to season lean, filling proteins for any meal. And next time, I think I will grill those yummy veggies, too.   

Feature item:  Simply Nature Chicken Spinach Sausage

I love seeing the overview of this plate as it simply shows a variety of good-for-you food groups.  Fruit, veggies, guacamole (healthy fat), tortilla chips (carbs) and chicken spinach sausage (lean protein).  This is an excellent example of how to plate a meal, and don’t forget dessert.  I know I added either a fudge bar or Brookside chocolates with almonds after this meal, like usual. 

I have tried many, many chicken sausages but some are either too salty or I am unable to digest that little skin around them, blah.  Anyone else have this problem?  Usually I just pull off the casing and eat away. This brand of sausages I found at Aldi.  They are low in calories with a good source of protein (70 calories; 2.5 gm fat; 0.5 gm saturated fat; 510 mg sodium; 1 gm carbohydrates; 12 gm protein).   

A general guideline for sodium per serving is to look at the daily value percentage.  If an item is higher than 20% DV it is considered high.  For this product it ranks at 22%, not too bad. If you are watching sodium this is a good recommendation and be cautious of other items added to the meal. 

A little inspiration for a super easy lunch or dinner idea – ENJOY!