Are you in a rut of eating the same thing?  Need some structure?  Or just need some new ideas? Well, here are some very easy meal and snack ideas that take very, very little prep.  

*Each picture can direct you to the post for all the information about each meal and snack idea.

Two slices of sprouted bread + butter; two chicken sausage links; 1/4 cup egg beaters; one egg.  Feel free to mix up this combo.  Lately I have been doing two eggs and two slices of toast because I am out of chicken sausages. Make it simple and fit your needs and likes. It is so filling and satisfying. 

This bread is so good! I wasn’t able to find it for a couple of weeks but found a delicious sprouted bread at Aldi. Sprouted breads have a little higher nutritional value than other breads.  Sprouted grains use whole grains that have started the sprouting or germinating process.  At this time the nutrients may be readily absorbed and may even be easier for some people to digest.

The salad consist of a Thai salad kit (pick your favorite) and grilled cooked chicken I found at Target.  Honestly, cooked chicken kind of turns up my nose, but this grilled is the best one I have tried, yet.  Add a filling fruit such as an orange and don’t forget something sweet. 

If you want something a little sweet after lunch these are a wonderful option.  Yes, in the lunch picture to the left, I show almonds and chocolate – that is totally great!  But, l am obsessed with these date bites if you have the ingredients on hand.  I tend to eat them for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner, ha!

An afternoon snack can be very helpful in warding off that “hangry monster” that creeps into the day.  Keeping a balanced combination of protein and fiber is key for any snack.  This is a simple 1/2 cup of low-fat cottage cheese paired with a piece of fruit, a pear! The link provides my favorite snack post with six simple and delicious ideas. 

Quick cooking with this idea, thanks to the air-fryer! Broccoli, carrots and (thawed/frozen) shrimp dressed with olive oil and seasonings thrown in the air-fryer for only about 8 to 10 minutes (or until veggies are cooked).  The wild rice is heated up in the microwave.  A balanced dinner that is filling and fast!

Enjoy friends! I hope you find this helpful.
If you try any of these ideas, let me know your thoughts.