Do you ever get bored with your normal workout routine?
Is motivation lacking some days?


The struggle is real. And that goes with everything, pretty much, right? Staying focused to keep the kids on track with their school work, finding the motivation to exercise and honestly finding the motivation to finish those never-ending dishes. These are all daily struggles, but it’s not that bad, wink, wink. When I tend to lack motivation or get in a slump, it’s time to change things up.

Maybe it’s changing up the schedule a bit or add some flavor to the water (that I’m not good at drinking).

When it comes to exercise, changing up the routine, the reps, new atmosphere or even the music can help. In this case, break it down. The mind is your driving forced to getting things done, so when you can wrap you head around three simple movements, you may be more likely to succeed. I really like this 30·20·10 method.

  • 30 reps of higher intensity
  • 20 reps of medium intensity/strength
  • 10 reps increase cardio/strength (this is the hardest exercise of the set, but it’s only 10 reps, you can do this!)

Crank up your tunes and knock out this workout!

And remember, have a little fun while you’re at it.