Group #1

10 push-ups (toes or knees)

20 squats (act like your sitting down in a chair)

10 Triceps dips (these can done on the floor or using a chair)

Group #2

10 Triceps push-ups (toes or knees)

20 Reverse lunges (total of 20)

10 Burpees (jump out no jump)

Group #3

10 Spiders (forearm plank and bend your knees to your elbows, keep your tummy in)

20 Sumo squats

10 Plank jacks

Group #4

10 V-ups

20 Squat jacks

10 Plank shoulder taps

Today's workout features muscle-burning moves by using your body weight. No weight necessary.
Keep it simple and jam out to your favorite playlist.