Here’s a little workout when time is crunched or you are just not “feeling it”…

Depending on your level of fitness, you may try a variety of combos: 45/15; 40/20; 30/30. 

Here are some timers I have used on YouTube for 45 sec work; 15 sec rest or 30 sec. work; 30 sec. rest

Another idea is to search HIIT timers on Spotify. They have some good ones, my only trouble is that I sometimes can’t hear when to stop and start.

Aim for three rounds. If beginner try two or advanced, may try rounds or whatever you have time for.

1) Jumping jacks

2) Mountain climbers

3) Reverse lunge or if you want to step it up try a Plyo lunges

4) Bicycle crunches or if you have a mini band try this (love these!) Bicycle crunches with band

5) Jump rope

6) Hold a plank (straight arm) for 10 seconds and then perform a push-up (knees or toes). Repeat plank hold to push-up for the allotted time 30 to 45 seconds per round.