Snacks keep me from being hangry. They are mini meals that help keep us going with adequate fuel throughout the day.

Here are some of my favorites!

Here is my homemade latte with almonds and dark chocolate. Fairlife milk provides 13 grams of protein per cup. The dark chocolate bar is from Aldi. Feel free to try lower percentages of dark chocolate, but 70% provides a great amount of health benefits.

Snack provides: 240 calories, 13gm carbohydrates, 13gm fat, 2gm fiber, 15gm protein

Bars with a little protein are great to have as a quick go-to! Here are two of my favorites. Tastes good and adequate protein and fiber. Aim for a bar that is less than 250 calories and at least 10 grams of protein.

Salty and sweet! Love this combo and perfect to pack!

Wanted to show you the flavored pistachios, plain are great, too. Pair this a half an apple and light cheese.

Snack provides: 242 calories; 19gm carbohydrates; 15gm fat; 6gm fiber; 11gm protein


Good ole’ cottage cheese is packed with protein. And a pear is one of the highest fiber-filled fruits.

Snack provides: 147 calories; 22gm carbohydrates; 2gm fat; 3gm fiber; 12gm protein


A little bit of everything in this snack!

The hummus cups are from Aldi in a 6-pack. Perfect for lunch or snack. Fight the “hunger monster” with this filling snack.

Snack provides: 248 calories; 27gm carbohydrates; 10gm fat; 5gm fiber; 11gm protein


Let me know your favorite snack. Hope this helps!