What’s for lunch Wednesday features a filling and delicious freezer meal. Yes, these may not be perfect every day lunch but if you’re in a pinch, they are great for a fast healthy lunch. I’m mean, its warm, cheesy and portion controlled. If you’re having trouble with eating too much, some times packaged products may a great option.

Pair this meal with a serving of fruit or yogurt for a balanced lunch. Or if you’re like me, I save some room for my favorite combo: Almond + Dark Chocolate 🤗😂🙌🏼.

The highlights of this meal:

1) Good source of fiber

2) Good amount of filling protein

3) Serving of veggies

4) Moderate amount of carbs

5) No added sugars

6) Source of other nutrients: calcium, iron and potassium

7)Portioned controlled and “fast food”

The not-so-great parts about the meal:

1) Sodium is ok, (less than 700 MGS is desent) don’t add any high-sodium foods to this meal (chips, soup, etc.) If you need to follow a low-sodium diet, keeping meals to 500 MGS or less may be a better range. Just be aware if you need to keep track.

2) A little higher in saturated fat, but come on it’s cheese! And it tastes amazing!

3) Cost: This one was higher in cost but much less than any lunch at a restaurant.