Snack or lunch, whatever you like for this idea! If sardines scare you a bit, don’t worry…I will will have to say it looks a lot like tuna and buying skinless, boneless makes it much less scary. And let’s not forget about all the benefits! The star of the snack are the sardines for their amazing benefits from omega-3’s. But let’s not overlook the crackers and the cucumbers. The woven wheat thins are a good source of fiber and the cucumbers provide a variety of nutrients such as, vitamin C, fiber, vitamin K, potassium and magnesium. Here are the benefits of the omega-3 fatty acids. I have only listed a few but the list is huge! Remember omega-3’s are essential in our diet and we must obtain them from food sources to gain the benefits for our bodies. The American Heart Association recommends having two serving of fish per week. I bought this brand at Costco. I have only used a half container of sardines but if you want to use the entire container, that’s great, too! A little hot sauce is drizzled over the crackers for an extra kick. A very filling source is protein. Enjoy! DD