here’s nothing better than fixing a meal in 15 minutes or less, right?! Easy meal prep really makes me happy. My husband surprised me and got me a larger air fryer from Christmas. I love air fryers! And now, I don’t have to make multiple batches, and even better I can sit down with the family instead making batches of food. High fives all around!

So…this is super-duper simple lunch/dinner idea. I usually do very little cooking for Saturday and Sunday lunches, just because it’s always busy (and less prep means less dishes 😉).

I put Trader Joe’s mini chicken tacos in the air fryer (about 8 to 10 min). These are delicious! They are awesome to dip in salsa or guacamole. One of my daughter’s friends adores these tacos and will ask for them whenever she’s here. I always hate to break her heart when I miss a Tj’s trip, so they are a must on my list.

The dips I have shown in the picture are red roasted red pepper hummus and fresh salsa but our fav, avocado verde would be another great option (I’m out, but it’s on the list).

Check out last week’s post for more info about these products and where I bought them Product Spotlight – Delicious Dips for the Holidays .

A nutritious side and kid-favorite is frozen blueberries!

My kids devour these! And so do their friends when they eat dinner with us. Second helping of blueberries is common. Blue/purple foods are extremely beneficial for promoting brain health, particularly in memory function. That’s always a plus! And between you and I when my kids won’t eat their veggies (let’s be real), I love to serve a nutrient-dense fruit, maybe two. So if you’re having trouble in the veggie category (we all do, even grown-ups) serve up some delicious fruits! Those dark, bold colors of fruits pack a punch of nutrients (and it makes me feel better about the overall nutrition of the meal).

I dish these out on the plates first and then by the time everything else is ready, they are slightly thawed and are the perfect sweet treat. I do splurge and buy organic because I think they are more flavorful than conventional. Lesson learned. They are from Costco. (Friends, hit me up if you need some blueberries or mini tacos this next week, I will be making a trip 😉).

Well, here’s exactly what we eat: simple, nutritious and delicious! I hope you