Happy New Year! Welcome 2020! Wow, right?! I’m sitting here writing and decided I needed to have Christmas Vacation on for one more time 😂. Silly? Yes, but each time I find a new hilarious quote such as, “Clark, is your house on fire?” or “He worked really hard, Grandma….Yeah, so do washing machines.”. Oh my goodness!

I’m totally savoring the last moments of break and sad the kids have to go back tomorrow. I would love to keep them home for two more days. Usually I’m ready to get back into a schedule but not this break, maybe I’m realizing how fast these sweet years go by, ugh.

Onto the new year….there is something refreshing about starting a new year. A time to think about goals, aspirations, self-improvement, etc. Sheesh… As I have reflected as bit, I think my word is persistence. Just keep going, each small step turns into a big leap, or something like that… 🤔 So many times I question myself and think, “Will people really read this?” or “Is this a dumb idea?” And I just want to send a HUGE thanks to those of you that have reached out to me through a text, comment or even stop me at Target and tell me, ” I really like your blog/post” or “I tried your workout and it kicked my butt” or “I made your energy bites and my son loves them, we call them Stacy’s balls!”

I think, really?! Well if it helps one person, I’ll keep on going because I love to share my ideas because I think they all so doable. Thanks again friends!

Today’s lunch idea is a new one for me. Cauliflower pizza! Now, let’s get things straight, this a great lunch but I will not replace it for Friday pizza night. I like cauliflower and I like pizza so I cauliflower pizza. But I also really love pizza and there’s always room for good ole’ take out! I have noticed how trendy cauliflower pizza is becoming on the store shelves, whoa! And as I look at others brands, I do the calculations per serving vs regular pizzas and most of the time there’s really not much difference in the nutrition profile. So what’s the point?

However, Green Giant brand does a great job of simply making a cauliflower crust.

Four servings per box. I probably could have easily eaten two serving, which would not have been horrible… In one serving, I figured out it was 172 calories, 18g carbs, 7g fat, 9g protein and 2g fiber. Not too shabby… This includes 1/4 cup shredded mozzarella and two tablespoons of pizza sauce.

I thought it was pretty good for a lunch option. My son even ate a slice and said it was pretty good. I clearly told him what it was before he ate it and he still said it was pretty good. Thumbs up! So I will call that a win but again we will always enjoy regular pizza every Friday night! 🤗😘

*Note: Other items featured, Dandy Celery Sticks, carrots, AE Dairy lite chive dip (OMG-Yum!) Jazz Apples (Delish and size is perfect!)