After-School Snacks + Mom’s Go-To Snack Ideas

Hey friends! It’s Tuesday and I love sharing simple snack ideas featuring more products that may of interest to you. I hope! 😉

One snack for me and one snack for my kids! Actually they are great for anyone. You may notice the toddler plates… and even though there are no toddlers in the house, I still adore/use these plates. They are perfect for plating wholesome, filling snacks for the kids. After school and sometimes before bed is when I use these plates. (It’s great to talk about the food but I have to talk about my love for containers 😂)

Okay, now for the snacks.


1) Two Good yogurt is a light creamy yogurt with 12 grams of protein and only 80 calories. I paired it with some almonds and Brookside Dark Chocolates.

2) Kids’ snack: Smartfood Smart 50 popcorn + nut and chocolate bar + apple slices. The popcorn comes in a variety of flavors: sea salt, white cheddar and caramel corn. Usually one cup is about 35 to 50 calories. I like to buy the variety pack of this popcorn for long road trips. They are perfect for that time when you just want to munch!

Enjoy! 🤗