Monday Moves! Arms & Hiit Mini Workouts

Happy Monday! Our motto for the week is “5 more days!” Well, that’s what my kids and husband are saying, I’m thinking, ” Oh crap, do I have everything ready for all the Christmases!” Slight panic but not too bad, eh? I’ve really tried to keep things simpler than other holiday seasons, at least at this time of the week I’m thinking that, maybe later in the week I’ll think differently. 😂

I watched The Middle, season 2, “A Simple Christmas” and it was everything I was thinking. Absolutely hilarious, check it out on Amazon, you will enjoy it!

Anyway, my point is, keep it really simple this month and that includes workouts, too. I like to think, at least I moved and broke a little sweat today instead of nothing. So here’s two simple workouts you can do together or one every other day.

I tried out the arm workout last Friday and was very impressed how wobbly my arms felt after the workout, high five! Simple, done!

Biceps curls

Triceps dips


Here are links to the exercises if you are not exactly sure what to do.

Squat jacks

Jump rope

No-jump burpee

Plank jacks

High knee

Plyo lunges

This will definitely get you sweating! Might at well make it worth it for a little while. Way to go friends! I hope you enjoy.