Product Spotlight – Nut Bars

Happy Friday! Can you believe we have one week before Christmas week, ahh! This week I purposely shopped for products that were individually packaged, chopped, washed and cooked. Items that would keep it extra simple for lunches, snacks and meals for the busy month. Here is a product (that I don’t buy on a weekly basis) but if I need a quick-fix it’s in my shopping cart! And it was on sale at Target! Sometimes these bars do a great job of replacing my beloved energy bites.

Very simple ingredients with a good source of fiber, moderate sugar and even protein. Notice the grams of fat…it may seem high but it contains 7 grams of monounsaturated fat, which is a very healthy fat.

Aside from all health benefits, this bar tastes really delicious! This is Target’s brand of Kind bars, which I really enjoy, too. I’m a huge fan of Kind bars mini’s! They around 80 to 100 calories. Perfect to pair as a little dessert or snack.

I hope you enjoy! Thanks so much for listening!