Monday Moves! Treadmill + Weights

Hey friends! Are you feeling the pressure that December is flying by and Christmas will be here in the blink of an eye? Ahhh!

The kids are so excited and counting down the last two weeks of school. I can’t believe how short this holiday season feels, it kinda makes me a little sad. I always think to myself, this is the only year my kids will be 7, 9 and 12 for Christmas and want to savor the memories. I keep telling myself this to enjoy this time and ditch the stress.

Anyway, as time is getting crunched, I feel I need to skip my workout in order to get more done during the day. But here’s a great little cardio plus strength workout that can be done in no time.

Feel free to add weights to squats and walking lunges. Arm exercises: bicep curls and chest press will need to have light to medium weights.

Enjoy this combo and feel free to adjust rounds. I hope you have a wonderful Monday!