Happy Monday!  I can’t believe that next week is already Thanksgiving.  This month has flown past me as I have been recovering from some sickness the past two Mondays, ugh!  I’m not here to draw sympathy, watching movies and old Office episode were great in getting  some extra couch/bed rest.  Today does feel good to get back on track with work and general house chores.  The dust rings in my toilets were there too long, oops!  I also just started to get back to working out a bit. 

I am getting back to working out a bit and tested this ab workout after some yoga today. Am I getting old? Or is it okay for me to enjoy yoga more, hehehe . . . I never really enjoyed yoga when I was younger, or patient enough to try it but I do feel it help stretch and strengthen all parts of the body. We will see if I can feel it tomorrow.

For today’s Monday’s Moves, here is a super-simple ab rotation that is perfect to follow some cardo or weights.  Turn on your stop watch on your phone and begin this simple workout.  Don’t be afraid to pause if needed.

This is a great combo that rotates front to back.  Start in plank position and roll over onto your back for slow, full sit-ups.  Make sure there is no momentum as you rise up to sitting position.  Next move has you back in a plank position with mountain climber – move those knees!  And finally, finish on your back with bicycle crunches (alternate opposite elbow with knee).  Repeat two times or more as needed. 

Try this workout for the week!  Have a wonderful Monday!