Friday’s Favorite Product Review–Siggi’s Kefir

Heeeeey!  It is Friday!  Where is the week/summer going?!  I can’t believe we are more than half-way through June and the fourth of July is only a few weeks away, wow!  Well . . . years ago I used to always include a post on Fridays with my favorite food product and not sure why I got away from it but thought it would be great to start up again, considering I have a ton of products to show you that I love!  And always remember I do not receive any product promotions from any company and all my opinions are mine!

If you stop by my house, this is usually what you get . . . me saying, “Hey, why don’t you try this new product I just got”,  “Oh my gosh, you have to try this!”   “Here is my kids’ favorite new snack!”    I think you get the idea . . .  that I love showing and sharing my new latest good-for-you food finds!  Hooray!  Always makes me so excited to share and so happy to carry on with these posts!


I love kefir and my kids love it, too!  If you have never tried kefir before it is like a drinkable yogurt, may be a tad more tart than the regular sugared yogurt.  I remember years ago I had it on a local TV show and the host tasted it on-air and kept saying, “It is so tart!”  Arg! The joys of live TV, ahh!  I reinforced that it is like a dessert for me and there are a ton of benefits when including kefir in your diet.  Kefir has about 10 times more beneficial probiotics (good bugs) than yogurt.  I seem to always bring back kefir during those winter months to keep us stay healthy. 


There is a ton of research regarding the benefits of probiotics including weight loss, improve digestive health, promote immune system and many more.  Here is a great site for more info on probiotics: US Probiotics Home. And from own personal experience I like to believe that it cured my baby’s skin eczema/acne. My baby was exclusively breast feeding and really the only thing I changed in my diet was adding a couple servings of kefir each day and within a day or two (no joke) her skin was smooth as her bottom, ha! Maybe it went away on its own but I like to believe that I cured my baby with powerful nutrition, as any dietitian/new mom would do, right?

Now, the market has caught onto to this research and there are so many new varieties and flavors of kefir, even chocolate!  My kids love to use an old medicine syringe (clean of course) and suck up kefir in a bowl and squirt into their mouths. This is at least a good half hour of fun for them!  Or if there is a good buy on kefir and I buy more than just one, I like to freeze it into these fun Zipzicle Clear Ice Molds.

Reason Why I Picked this Brand

  • The main reason I choose Siggi’s is because it has less sugar than other varieties, only 3 grams to be exact.  Honestly, my kids prefer this brand – Lifeway Kefir because it taste sweeter but I enjoy the taste of Siggi’s more.

How to Incorporate Kefir into your Diet

  • This makes a great filling on –the-go breakfast or snack!   In a hurry? Pair with a whole grain cereal (more than 5 grams of fiber).
  • Satisfy your sweet tooth with a glass of cold kefir.  Really, it does the trick! When I am searching around the kitchen looking for something sweet, kefir is a great filling and satisfying snack.
  • Pair it with a cup of frozen berries and blend together!  So. Darn. GOOD!!  I told my sister about this easy recipe years ago and love the fact she still makes this simple smoothie almost daily for breakfast!

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