Tell Me What To Eat–Week 4


Hey!  I can’t believe we are already in the last few days of January, 2015 is flying by way too fast! So here we have another “Tell Me What To Eat” with some fun and very simple meal and snack ideas.  I will get right to the point!

Breakfast is a simple Lara bar and you can pair it up with a glass of milk.  There are lots of great flavors of Lara bars but my favs are peanut butter, apple pie, cherry pie, blueberry and the absolute best is snicker doodle!  Oh my, this bar is so good, however, I have trouble finding it and have to request the variety at the store. By the way . . .I usually like to have a Lara bar with a cup of milk and espresso, aka, my delectable homemade latte!


These bars have very simple ingredients including dates, nuts and seasonings, can’t beat that! 

For snack I am going with two deviled eggs and an apple.  Simply add a teaspoon of light mayo and stone ground mustard to yolks and mash.  So darn delicious!  I like to slice an apple really thin, somehow I feel like I am eating more, ha!


Lunch is a simple (recipe) Taco Veggie Pizza. This is the best way to get in all your veggies for the day, love it!  Toast up a large Flat Out Flatbread™ and top with some Greek yogurt and taco seasoning.  By the way, have  you tried Mrs. Dash’s Taco seasoning packets?  Love these seasoning packets, check it out Mrs. Dash taco seasoning. And then of course top with your choice of chopped veggies, shredded cheese and I would suggest drizzling some taco sauce, yum!   You can have the entire pizza (flatbread), woohoo!


And for snack make up some Salad in a Wrap.  Take giant lettuce leaves and  add your choice of dressing, shredded cheese, veggies and  I enjoy some shredded chicken.  Wrap in wax paper and these are the perfect on-the-go veggies.  I never have enough time to sit down to eat an entire salad so this is the perfect solution!


And lastly, at the end of the day it is time to enjoy your own personal pizza!  And if you want you can sure shape it into a heart as we embark on February, check out recipe – Valentine Mini Pizzas.

For the pizzas I used 100% whole wheat dough rolls.  These balls of dough are individualized and perfect to make your own little pizzas!  Add a side of veggies and fruit and dinner is done! As the day is winding down, as always find something that won’t break the calorie budget and my suggestion is flavored soda water.  I know . . .it may take some time to like this (as I did) but I sure enjoy this product when I am itching to eat, aka, just bored.  My kids always see it, smell it and always ask with excitement, “Ooh, can I have some!”  I say sure as I watch them take a drink.  It is kind of funny to see their expressions as they think it is going to taste like pop with all the sugar and then they realize, hmm . . . not sure if I like it.  This is how I kicked my soda habit, I definitely had to “train” my taste buds into enjoying this drink and I now I see it as a treat!


Enjoy friends!