Tell Me What To Eat–Week 3

Hey friends!  Back to the real world, right?  Holidays are gone and extreme cold weather is here along with New Year’s Resolutions. I will have to be honest and say this cold weather does not help motivate me to exercise. I would rather just snuggle up in  multiple layers with the kiddos on each side and watch movies all day, who’s with me? But as we begin a new year, I do like the feeling of starting on a fresh slate again to improve my life, whether it is marathon training (ah, not sure) or getting back on track with minimal sugar and processed foods or getting organized.  Ahh . . . all the above makes me feel like I am getting something accomplished!  As the holidays were wonderful and I spent an entire week of Christmas vacation organizing my house, not to say it is super clean but organized on every level, yay! It feel so good to get rid of stuff that I am not using and I personally feel this is essential to do when you want to get back on track eating better.  So, here I am back with another week of Tell Me What To Eat!  As always, you do not have to follow this exactly but it may give you some new ideas for meals and snacks!  I just love making these little daily menus up and hope you do as well! Let’s begin . . . image

Breakfast starts out with a super-duper simple Green Eggs & Ham.  This comes from an old post where we celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday but always a goodie!  Here is what I did  . . . I scrambled up two eggs in a coffee mug along with a handful of chopped spinach and ham.  Place in the microwave for 2 minutes.  Top with a sprinkle of cheese and put back in the microwave for an additional 15 to 20 seconds.  Viola, breakfast in a mug!  Yum!  And I really love cooking eggs in a mug because they are 10 times fluffier than in a bowl, who knew? May add a slice of buttered toast this breakfast.


Snack is just a simple good ole’ apple, nothing fancy or may replace with any fruit – like a yummy, in-season pear!


Lunch is again a simple grab-and-go item. Yes, a little more on the “processed-side” but sometimes simple is just what we need in our busy lifestyles!


I adore these Bumble Bee Sensation packs!  And this sundried tomato & basil is my favorite!  Oh my!  Tuna never tasted better, seriously!  This is about the only time when I crave tuna, weird, I know! I like the fact that there is no mayo included!


Again, not super clean ingredients but small portion, healthy omega-3 fats, excellent source of protein and let’s not forget about how super easy this is to have for lunch!  I mean, you could have this stashed away in your desk at work, love it! Snack, lunch, whenever!


I paired it up with some fresh veggies and a small amount of dip plus some frozen edamame, actually it’s a Dora edamame pack from last time, remember?  Tell Me What To Eat – Week 2.

Snack is simply just some natural almonds (28 to be exact) and only four Brookside chocolates. Just a couple chocolates sure go a long way because they are super sweet! Enjoy that I included some chocolate!


And for dinner, a quick and easy soup, probably one of my favorite soups I make – Easy Cheesy Chicken Tortilla Soup, love!


This soup is super satisfying and the perfect comfort food this time of the year! Enjoy one and half cups along with a handful of crushed tortilla chips!  Ahh . . . . yum!  After dinner don’t mess up . .. no more snackies . . .try a non-calorie beverage or here are my favorite teas!


Enjoy my friends and stay warm!