Tell Me What To Eat! Week 2


Hey friends!  I hope everyone had a wonderful turkey day with all the yummy holiday favorites. I will say this year I enjoyed my mother’s taco dip and cheeseburger soup the best oh and let’s not forget her on-top-of-the-world cinnamon rolls!  I don’t think I went too overboard with all the goodies but I definitely picked out my favorites from the long menu list and savored each bite! Glad I got to enjoy some good food and good times with family.  But now, it is time to get back into the groove of a normal routine again.  Yes, that is right it is back to get on track with eating a variety of good-for-you foods! I guess I could say healthy but I tend to shy away from using that word because I feel most people associate the word healthy (too many times) meaning “doesn’t taste good!”  Does this sound like you or someone you may know?  The word healthy, in my opinion, is way over used, so lets just focus of good food for you that tastes amazing! 

Now let’s finish up from last week’s mini series “Tell Me What To Eat.  For this week I have chosen a protein smoothie for breakfast.  You can follow my steps in this post or lately I have been using 2 handfuls of greens, 1/2 banana, 2/3 cup frozen mango, 1 scoop vanilla whey protein and about 10 ounces of water.  So awesome! I also like to add a handful of nuts along side because I like to eat food instead of just drinking my meals, ya know?


And for morning snacks . . . yes, I am including Dora the Explorer edamame packets along with a clementine, or two!  I absolutely love these Dora edamame packets because the beans are already shelled!  If you are unfamiliar with edamame, they are immature soybeans packed with a good source of protein! Don’t be afraid, they may look like lima beans but taste nothing like them!  I love them and most of my kids do too.  I think it is always so funny when my two-year-old sees the packet and will say, “Dora!  I want them!”  I open up the package and she spits them out, ha!  The power of marketing because this happens not once, not twice but at least seven time and then my daughter finally will say, “Yummylicious!”  See, you really do have to feed your kids certain foods at least a number of time before they actually like the food!  My own little research  project! 


Anyway, this is a great snack and perfect for on-the-go!  I put Dora edamame in my husband’s lunch too and always wonder what people are thinking when a grown man pulls out a snack with Dora on the package, ha!  Gotta love it! This is always on my shopping list every Wednesday for 10% sack sale day at Hy-Vee in the HealthMarket.  They are located in the freezer section in the HealthMarket usually next to the frozen veggies.


And for lunch here is the perfect make-ahead, take-on-the-go lunch!  The beauty of this idea is that you can alter the ingredients to your likings! Follow my steps here: Simple Steps to Make the Perfect Salad.


No need to buy a bottled dressing, just make a super-duper, simple homemade dressing with the ingredients you already have in your frig and pantry!  


Or if you are not a salad lover, maybe I will entice you with Taco Salad in a Jar! This is a bit on naughty side, doncha think?  However, I am a huge fan for giving all kinds of suggestions for every type of eater!  Even if it means suggesting, Doritos, ahh!  For all you clean eaters out there I have found a nacho cheese tortilla chips at Trader Joes awhile back that was fabulous!  This was definitely my closest find to a Dorito, or just plain old tortilla chips will do the trick, too!  Be sure to check out the link for how to use your scale when prepping up these salads.  I love using the scale because it is precise and no stinkin’ mess with measuring spoons!

Remember if you want, you may add a fresh fruit along with your salad for lunch!  An apple or pear works great to throw in the lunch bag.  FYI – I have had these salads in a jar last me about 4 days in the frig.

Now afternoon snack!  Ah, Siggi’s!  Love this yogurt and how low it is in sugar!  A yummy, sweet afternoon treat!  Add about 10 almonds to this yogurt for a balanced snack!



Dinner time rolls around and you think, “What in the heck am I going to eat!”   This is always the question at my house and for me, time is a major issue.  I want to cook something super fast and here is a great solution  – Easy Beef Stir-Fry. So. Darn. Filling.  The left overs are yummy, too!


And after dinner if you are wanting something to eat, try some herbal tea! 


Remember to not eat at least three hours before you go to bed.  Don’t waste all your hard work of eating well  for the day!  You can do it!  It is all a mind game! Enjoy!