Fed Up Opens Today!

Wow, I can’t wait!  Not sure if I will break my girls-night-out-date for next Sunday and sneak out today and go see it because I cannot wait!  Or I have a better idea, why not see it twice! Hmm . . . .I will have to do some kissing up to my hubby, it is Mother’s Day weekend, right?

So I actually stayed up late and watched the Daily Show with my hubby and Katie Couric was a guest talking about the movie, which then got me all excited and I realized, “Oh my gosh!  It is May 9th already! Fed Up will be out in theaters tomorrow! Ahhhh!”   So after this excitement I even watched all the segments on Katie’s show, check it out Fed Up on Katie, and I will have to say sugar, sugar, and sugar.  This movie depicts sugar to be a major culprit in our societies’ epidemic in obesity.  Grrrr . . . . I have a total love hate relationship with you, sugar.  Why are you so darn good and so addicting? 

I am a huge believer in balance and moderation but what exactly does that mean?  I try to teach my kids balance by sometimes pairing up a not-so-healthy-food with a good-for-you-food.  We usually try to just stick to real wholesome food but sometimes the sugar monster has entered their belly and they want a treat, aka chocolate!    However, sometimes I feel guilty being too lenient when my kids ask for treat and double guilt because I am a dietitian mom, too!  Arg!  What should a mother do?

On the other hand, I have seen it too many times when parents tend to restrict too much of their children’s diet and the child will rebel and go wild.  Remember my slumber party story?   Well, let me remind you if you have forgotten.  I was probably 13 or so and decided to have a big slumber party at my house and one of my friends, lets just call her Susie, figured out what Doritos tasted like, I think for the first time, and went bizerk, literally!  I remember her eating pretty much the entire bag.  She was like a ravenous ape let loose in the wild eating her babies, okay, now I am exaggerating.  Anyway, my friends and I watched in horror, excitement, and whatever else and just could not believe our eyes!  I would have to say we were proud of Susie that day as she entered the new world of junk-food just like us. 

So now what . . .sugar has definitely been on my radar detector and  yes, it is in absolutely everything!  Today I was checking spaghetti sauces and the regular brands have 9 to 10 grams of sugar per 1/2 cup serving size.  That is equivalent to about 2 1/2 teaspoons of sugar.  That may not seem like a lot but just think of how much a little bit of sugar here and a little bit of sugar there can really add up altogether.  Oh my word. . . . I think I should do some more posts researching sugar, eh? 


What do I expect from this movie, Fed Up?

Hmm . . . good questions, I think for myself it will get me super motivated to carry out my mission for health to others and my family.  I am not going to lie, I can already feel emotion of being overwhelmed to help perfect my family’s diet. A little bit of hard work and I think I will need a major plan to conquer the battles of sugar. Are you ready?


Other sites to check out!

Check out Ellyn Satter – How to Feed Children, a fantastic approach to healthy eating for children and especially picky eaters.

One of my favorite mom dietitians, Sally Kuzemchak writes about the struggles and triumphs of feeding her family in real life.  She is great and could totally be my best friend! Here is a great post on  The Myth of Perfect Eating.

In theaters, May 9th, check it out, Fed Up