Spring Cleaning Time–Get Organized! Free grocery list & meal planner download!

Get organized collage

Hey friends!  I know it has been awhile but I have been in major “spring cleaning” mode for the past couple of weeks! And when your mind is set in getting a job done, I hate to distract from it, right?  Sorry it took me so long but nothing feel better than knowing that junk in the corner is gone!  Time for a garage sale!  I have decided to get rid of all those things that I think I might use or I might end up reusing in a craft.  I have come to the realization that if it has been siting here unused for 5 years, yeah,  I don’t think I will end up doing anything with it anyway, so just get rid of it!  Ahh, closets cleaned, kids toys in order, spring and summer kids’ clothes in closets, drawers organized, storage room looking so much better and so much more!  There is still work to do but it is definitely a great start!  Whenever I go through a little spurt of super cleaning/organizing mode I feel amazing afterwards and I always want to get back on the healthy-eating bandwagon, too! How about you?

Anyways, I absolutely love making charts and graphs to help me get and stay organized.  My husband always laughs at me but I always tell him, shush, it keeps me going! So why not get organized with your weekly meal planning? Believe me, you will feel so much better once you make your plan!  And, that dreaded question of “What’s for Dinner?” can be stress-free with this simple chart, ahhhh!  There are so many other benefits into putting in time to plan for the week.  If you make a plan, you probably will spend less at the grocery store and keep your pantry, frig, and freezer in order by buying what is necessary instead of buying all those impulse items. Another great benefit, you will end up eating better!  When you have no idea what is for dinner that is what I call a “danger zone!’  BEWARE!  This is the time when you are so overwhelmed with dinner time that you end up going for less healthy options such as take out.   “Awe, shucks, I don’t know what we have to eat here let’s order out!”  (I am sure you use those exact word, huh?  Lol!) Okay, I think I have made my point clear and a little planning can sure make a difference, so why not try it! 


Weekly Menu Meal Chart + Shopping List

In my chart, I have included a specific line for VEGETABLES at every meal.  Even it is just fresh veggies and dip, I include that information so I know to buy enough fresh vegetables for the week.  Seems like we can get a little boring here at my house but the kids are usually pretty good about eating their fresh veggies on their plate accompanied with dip! Go with what works!  *TIP: Remember that in order to absorb all those vital nutrients in many vegetables, a little fat is necessary  for absorption!

I also have a section for the Health Food Department.  If you do not buy items from the department or just shop the health food section I also have another download with out this listed on the grocery list. Click here. Weekly Menu Meal Chart + Shopping List.

How To Get Started!

1) Grab the store ads: One of my favorite times in the morning each week is sitting down with a cup of coffee, windows open, grocery store ads and shopping list on hand.  Smell that fresh air, love spring! 

2) Circle items you would like to purchase: First thing is first, I love getting in on those weekly deals.  I go through all the ads and circle the sale items and from there I add them to my list.

3) Make your meal plan: Now using those items that are on sale, what would you like to make during the week?  By the way, some stores already have this step done for you!  Yep, they have a suggested meal plan using those items on sale!  Plug for my good ole’ Hy-Vee and their weekly Weekly Menus.

4) Make your shopping list: With the items on your meal plan, make sure to include all items necessary on the grocery list.  Somehow I always forget something, grrrrr, that drives me crazy! 

Weekly grocery chart

Well, enjoy this simple meal planner and grocery list!  Happy Spring Cleaning!