My Top Food Fools! Tricks to make your food a bit better for you!


Happy April Fool’s Day!  Have you done any good jokes today? Well, I am just too tired and the creativity is running on low here.  I guess I could always pull the “I am pregnant” but not sure how funny that would be, haha! However, a couple years ago it was always a fun day at work!  One of my co-workers and I would always fool our other co-workers with some crazy food combinations, it was hilarious!  One year we cut pieces of cardboard and covered them in chocolate and had our co-workers try our new recipe for chocolate covered graham crackers! And guess what, we even fooled them the year after with vanilla ice cream and caramel topping, except the caramel topping was actually chicken gravy!  Many of them spit it out but one co-worker actually enjoyed the sweet and salty combo.  We had way too much fun!!  Anyway, today I would like to bring back some of my favorite tricks in making my recipes a tad healthier, except they do actually taste good! So here we go!

1) Halloween Cupcakes & Icing:  So much fun and I just love the color of the icing!  My trick here is using an avocado in the icing and in the cupcake instead of using butter or oil! Plus the avocado gives the icing an awesome looking natural green color, no food coloring necessary!



2) Mushrooms & ground beef – Ah, yes, chop up some mushroom and add it to ground beef.  Lean up the beef and save money!  I love it! 


3) My Favorite Party Dip

My trusty party dip that sure does look like a decadent nacho dip but instead I use only three wholesome ingredients: hummus, salsa and beans!


4) Super Simple Fruit Pizza

Skip the fat in the cookie crust and add in some nonfat Greek yogurt!  Only 2 ingredients for the crust and rest is icing and fresh fruit!  This treat will definitely satisfy any age group!


5) Buffalo Chicken Dip

Forget all the fat, throw this dip together in minutes and enjoy! A stress-free dip made with better ingredients including, nonfat Greek yogurt!  So darn good, I eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner!


6) How to make the tastiest protein smoothie!  Hooray for this one, finally a protein smoothie that I really enjoy and love the fact it is so good for you!  Including a ton of leafy greens and I finally figured out how to disguise those greens using my secret ingredient! Check it out!


7) Chocolate Pudding! Yes, finally enjoy pudding with some added healthful ingredients! A dose of healthy fat (monounsaturated fats & omega-3 fatty acids) and great source of fiber! 


8) Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge In a Jar! No guilt here, enjoy a jar of fudge, yes I said a jar!  Oh my gossshh! Let those powerful chia seeds do their work at magically turning this recipe into fudge!  Not only are chia seeds magical but they are a super food!


9) No-Bake Chocolate Chip & Oatmeal Cookies! Sorry for all the exclamation points but this recipe is probably my ALL-TIME favorite recipe I have ever written, well, it is at least in the top three!  These little cookies are packed full of nutrients from beneficial ingredients such as flaxseed, sweet potatoes, oat, cocoa and so many more!  Plus they are sooooo good, yes, excuse my French, dam (I spelled it that way on purpose) delicious! Plus let’s not forget they are super duper simple to make!  Make a bunch and leave in the freezer for an anytime-snack!


10) Chocolate Surprise Ice Cream!  Yum, “real ice cream” using only two ingredients: Nutella & frozen bananas!  I made this recipe in 2012 and I just saw this made on the Rachel Ray show with Sunny Anderson a couple months ago, cool!  I guess they are super smart for loving this recipe, too! I love those two gals!


11) Watermelon Slushy:  Yep, super simple to make using, yes, that is right watermelon! I love this trick of freezing the juice of a watermelon and putting it in a blender with some stevia and lemon juice! How many times do you dump out the juice of a watermelon in your container?  Well, no waste here, make a slushy!  As the weather gets warmer I am excited to add some booze to this recipe, too!  Come on over neighbors! 


Enjoy these fun tricks, friends and Happy April 1st!  Wow, it’s April, already!