Favorite Friday Product

SoBe Lifewater – 0 calories, naturally sweetened.  I love this product and have tried every single flavor of the non-calorie waters and all are wonderful!  They are just the right amount of sweetness and they really help keep me hydrated – especially when I know I need to drink more water but it just doesn’t …

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Thirsty or Hungry?

The majority of the time thirst is mistaken for hunger.  So make this your golden rule – Drink two glasses of water, wait 5 to 10 minutes and then decide This may sound harder than you think but it is very crucial to understand your body’s “true” hunger signal. German researchers found that drinking water …

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Got Water?

Do you ever get a headache? Or when you think you are hungry you reach for the first cookie you see in sight? These may be signs that your body is telling you that you are thirsty!   When you have a headache instead of caffeine of popping pills try drinking a a couple classes of …

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