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Halloween Cupcakes (here is my little trick, hahahah!)

Pin ItI love love this Shrek-green color and do you want to know my little secret?  (That is powder sugar… Continue reading »

Kid Snacktivity– Let’s Make a Tractor!

Pin ItSince I have been staying home, I am finding out that it takes some creativity to keep your kids… Continue reading »

Kid Favorite Products–Chicken Nuggets, Mac & Cheese and more!

Pin ItI would like to share some of my favorite food products for my kids, I get really giddy talking… Continue reading »

Hey, Kids! Spider Web Pancakes!

Pin ItThe kids and I are in the Halloween spirit!  We made some Halloween crafts now lets make some festive… Continue reading »

Kids, Let’s Cook! Banana Muffin Poppers!

Pin ItMy kids are suckers for a cinnamon roll or donuts for breakfast, I swear they test me even more… Continue reading »

Kids, Let’s Cook! Pizzas & Popsicles!

Pin ItOk kiddos, let’s make some pizzas!  Get the kids involved and let them be the gourmet chef for dinner… Continue reading »

Kids, Let’s Cook! Homemade Granola Bars!

Pin ItThere is nothing more fun for a kid to do with food than to get messy in the kitchen! … Continue reading »