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Holiday Treats–Brownies!

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Survival Guide for the Holiday!

Pin ItAs I get older, I think I am becoming more realistic with my dietitian suggestions, ha!   I think we… Continue reading »


Pin ItEspecially around the holidays – do you ever hear your child shout this?  Of course, everything in moderation but… Continue reading »

Merry Christmas!

Pin ItThe day where you unbuckle your pants after dinner– ahh! Or if you like me glad you are finally… Continue reading »

Greek yogurt for your holiday dips

Pin ItGreek yogurt is a wonderful choice for nutrition and lower in calories!  Plus you get a great protein punch… Continue reading »

Holiday treats for your guests

Pin ItJust because the average person will gain 5-10 pounds during the holiday season – doesn’t mean YOU have too! … Continue reading »