Feel the burn

Research shows for every three pounds of muscle gained through weight training you raise your resting metabolic rate but to 40 calories a day.  www.dolenutrition.com                                                                               May not be much but if you change your body composition to more muscle it can really add up.   This is a great comparison – fat versus muscle.   …

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No, not your hair but your foods!  Eat more energy-dense foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains versus low nutrient foods such as chips, soda, candy, white starches, etc.   In a recent study published in the June issue of the Journal of Food Chemistry and Analysis, most Americans get one-third of their calories …

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The Lean Plate Club

If you have already thrown out the calorie counter and done with the tedious work of counting every single calorie, fat gram, etc – no worries! Here is a simple method to help reduce your calorie intake.  1)  Plate size should be nine-inches – similar to the size of a salad plate, instead of the …

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