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Stacy received her Bachelor of Science degree in dietetics from, and completed an accredited internship through, Iowa State University.  She has worked for Hy-Vee for nine years as a Registered Dietitian covering a variety of stores during that time.  She has also worked in long-term care centers as a clinical dietitian.  Stacy is a certified in Adult Weight Management training and Hy-Vee’s Health Coach training.  She received the 2008 Recognized Young Dietitian award from the American Dietetic Association.  She was the co-host of WQPT television shows Recipe Re-Do and Get Movin’.


Now Stacy is the busy mother of three young children.  She clearly understands how difficult it can be to provide healthy meals and snacks for her family, from pick eaters to husbands who just want good food, her goal is to help other families provide quick, healthy and simple meals.  As obesity rate rises in adults and children, Stacy hopes to help anyone and everyone that is struggling to provide good-for-you-foods live a healthier life!

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