Coloring fun with fruits and veggies!

Learn about the benefits of each color.
Try a new fruit or veggie!

Click on each picture to download the free coloring sheet!

More sheets, more fun coloring! Here are two sheets to color and learn about the benefits of each color.  Fruit and veggies are extremely important in our daily diet due their essential nutrients necessary for our body.  Each color (pigment) of the fruit or vegetable has shown different benefits.  

  • RED - Have been shown to help reduced risk of many cancers, especially prostate cancer, and protect against heart attacks
  • GREEN - Beneficial for strong bone and promotes eye health (may help prevent macular degeneration)
  • BLUE/PURPLE - Rich in antioxidants and help improve memory function
  • ORANGE/YELLOW - Benefits related to healthy immune system, help heal wounds and reduce the risks of cataracts