Download your free coloring sheet

Have Fun and Color!

I hope you are all doing well!  I have put together some fun coloring sheets to help entertain the kids.  And if you are like me, you also really like to color simple graphics that just let the mind go, ahh.  Grab yourself an ice tea or iced coffee and sit outside and color.  Just thinking about this makes me so happy but I will be real here and tell you what I think is fun, isn’t necessarily what my kids’ think is fun, ha!  We will see if they are game for my idea.  But I hope you enjoy coloring simple food graphics I have put on the plate. And here are a couple of questions you can ask the kiddos while coloring (or feel free to take a time out for yourself).

  • What is your favorite food for each food group?
  • What do you think is the healthiest food?
  • How many colors are on your plate at meal times?
  • What would you tell your friend if they were scared to try your favorite fruit or vegetable? How would you encourage to them to try something new?
  • What food group(s) give you the most energy? (Grains mostly, some fruits and dairy)
  • What food group helps keep your bones and teeth strong? (Dairy)
  • What food group help keep your muscles strong? (Protein mostly, some Dairy)
  • What food group(s) provide some of the most beneficial nutrients for your body? (Fruit & Vegetables)
  • How many fruits and vegetables do you need each day?
    -2 to 3 year old: 1 cup fruit & 1 cup vegetables
    -4 to 8 year old: 1.5 cups fruit & 1.5 cups vegetables
    -9 to 13 year old: 1.5 cups fruit & 2 to 2.5 cups vegetables
  • If we were to come up with a Super Smoothie Recipe and try to include as many foods from each food group, what should we put in our smoothie?
  • Is there a picture of a food that you have not tried?
  • Is there a food item that you would like to put on our grocery list?
  • If you were to come up with the best meal that provided the most nutrient "super powers," what foods would you include in your meal? (Remember to include at least one food from each group)
  • Similar to the previous questions, come up with a super snack? And super breakfast idea?