Breakfast Dinner Idea: Mini Breakfast Pizzas + Peas + Green Smoothies

Breakfast Idea


Mini Breakfast Pizzas + Peas + Green Smoothies

Monday’s at our house is breakfast dinners and probably the family’s favorite! This is even a great way to do a meatless Monday, (do eggs count? 😂) in addition to finding a cheaper option for a nightly meal.

These mini naan crusts were found at Aldi. I just scrambled some eggs and sprinkled shredded cheese on top of the pita and heated in the oven.

Here’s the link for the recipe for theThe Never-Forget Green Smoothie . I make other varieties of smoothies but this is our #1 smoothie, which means we have it almost every Monday for breakfast dinner.

Peas surprise me because they have an abundance of significant nutrients. A couple years ago I had lunch at school with my kids and on the menu was thawed peas. I thought, “What?!” “Will kids actually eat this?”

And sure enough, the slightly frozen vegetable was a hit, so I decided to add this to our menu at home. I dish out the frozen peas at the start of cooking the meal and by the time it’s ready to eat, they are partially thawed. Cool trick and they are really fun to eat!

I hope you enjoy this simple dinner idea.



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