Tuesday’s Snack Ideas: Six Travel Snacks to Pack!

If I get the “hangries” when traveling my family knows it’s not a good thing.. Just like a toddler 😳, maybe.

Think filling snacks that provide some protein and filling fiber. These snack ideas provide a balanced combo of both.

Any protein bar will do, but simple guidelines to follow: less than 250 calories, at least 3 grams fiber and at least 10 grams protein.

My trust recipe here: The Best Energy Bites. I will freeze them and pack and go. Satisfies the sweet tooth and filling. A cold brew goes really well with them, just saying.

When you’re in a pinch, these snack packs sure come in handy. The apples and cheese contain only 90 calories; 4.5 gm fat; 8 gm carbohydrates; 2 gm fiber; 3 gm fiber.

This was a previous post but another good option when traveling. To-Go Veggies & Dip

Smaller fruits with was medium to thick skin hold up well when traveling. I find my kids do better with smaller-sized fruit is a great grab and less waste. Apples, clementines or mandarin oranges are great picks.

Rockit apple + pretzels sticks + snap peas + cheese slices

Popcorn is whole-grain food. This popcorn provides 100 calories; 6gm fat; 8gm carbohydrates; 1 gm fiber; 2 gm protein.

Packaged snacks (crackers, other treats) can be a proper portion size, just keep these items at 150 calories or less.

Nuts are a superfood and an easy item to pack. They contain heart-healthy fats and provide an impressive nutrient profile, from zinc to copper to B vitamins and so many more.

Hope you enjoy and safe travels as we head into the weeks of spring break!