Breakfast or Snack Idea: Cinnamon Roll Protein Smoothie

Hey! Are you a fan of protein smoothies or not? I have days where I am a fan and other days I would prefer eating food because sometimes these protein powders upset my stomach. Anyone else have this problem? I blame my sensitivity due to the sugar substitutes. Any natural or artificial sweetener is only absorbed partially in the body. The other half is excreted, which may cause some GI issues. So if you’re like me, be aware of these sugars. They can be listed as stevia, erythritol, aspartame, spenda and more (I know I’m forgetting some…). But if this interests you, here’s a wonderful link from dietitian with a thorough guide and great info on sweeteners. Nutrition Diva’s Ultimate Guide to Sweeteners.

The smoothie is extremely simple and delightful! A little natural sweeteness from the banana and date are a great combo. The maple flavoring along with the cinnamon makes the perfect blend of my favorite breakfast treats – cinnamon rolls! 💗

Here’s the protein powder I used. The sweetener used is luo han guo fruit, which also goes by the names of “Buddha fruit” or “monk fruit.” Monk fruit is becoming very popular and that may be due to the noted health benefits. Some reviews have stated it may be easier on the digestive system.