Breakfast or Snack Idea: Chocolate-Lovers Date Bites

These have totally won me over! I’m almost out and they will be a must-have in my freezer. I have one every morning with my homemade cappuccino, it’s delightful! 💗

This is it! Simple right? The texture at first was pretty sticky but after they set, and were the freezer, they are perfect!

Chocolate-Lovers Date Bites

(Makes about 18 bites)


1 cup dates

1 cup nuts

2 tbsps. cocoa

2 tbsps. PB2

3 tbsps. water


Place ingredients in a food processor and pulse together. Using a cookie dough scoop, scoop mixture into ball. Place in the refrigerator or freezer for best results.

– I will add the dates first and pulse a couple times, then add the nuts, pulse a couple more times. And then add the rest of the ingredients.

-There is no right way to make theses but it seems to be easier on my food precessor. *The PB2 is a nice little binder to help mold the ingredients.

Nutrition facts per bite: 60 calories, 7gm carbohydrates, 3gm fat, 1gm fiber, 2gm protein

Date are little packets of sweeteners with some great health benefits.

Enjoy friends! 🤗