Product Spotlight: True Orange

Happy Friday! The week went by much quicker than I thought…but looking forward to the weekend! A bunch of snow is coming here and not really looking forward to clearing the driveway again, ugh!

But as for the first full week of 2020, I’m feeling pretty good about keeping those habits in place. However, I still need to work on getting in more water. I can tell you and my clients “Make sure you drink 12 to 16 ounces at every meal” and then I’m probably the worst to take my own advice 😂🤦🏻‍♀️.

Here are my hiccups to drinking more water…

  • 1) I have to use the bathroom every 15 minutes and that’s annoying (because I already go ever 30 minutes 😂).
  • 2) I get bored and tend to go for something flavored (coffee, flavored sparkling water, tea, etc).
  • So… solution to my problem – True Orange! This product has been around awhile but I always come back to it because I love to change up the flavor. This product was originally True Lemon and Lime, but now there are more flavors. I just saw there’s as grapefruit, too.

    What is True Orange?

    It is crystallized orange, nothing added. There are no sweetener added, just the ingredient. I love this idea because there are times when my tummy does not enjoy a sugar substitute (anyone else have this problem 🤨 very common with an artificial or natural sugar substitute).

    I found this on Amazon – True Orange

    Hope this helps you, if you’re struggling like me 😘