Snack Idea: Spouted Bread + Mixed Nut Butter + Milk + Orange Slices

So long 2019, I can’t believe it’s going be 2020! Ahhh, I think it sounds crazy. If I can make it to midnight without falling asleep, it will be amazing. I know my kids will be ready to stay up but I’m good at going to bed early with a book and falling asleep after reading a couple pages. I may need a coffee at 7 p.m. to keep the party going, ha!

Today’s snack idea is very simple after looking around my pantry and refrigerator…yum to this combo! Yes it contains carbs but don’t fret, your body needs carbs. These are very filling carbs that offer fiber, protein, iron, calcium and other nutrients.

So filling, delicious and good-for-you! Embrace the goodness and nourish your body – feel good and enjoy these foods!

This is my absolute favorite bread from Trader Joe’s. It’s even better in the toaster. I buy a couple loaves and store in the freezer. Nutrition profile is great with 2 grams of fiber and 7 grams of protein for two slices! Sprouted grains have been shown to help increase the availability of nutrients and are also easy to digest. (I keep this in the refrigerator just to make sure it lasts longer)

This is a new nut butter I was wanting to try from Costco. I love nuts and it’s a great blend of all nuts plus a boost of fiber and heart-healthy Omega-3’s with the addition of chia and flaxseeds. Cool, right? 😂 Plus there are no added sugars. I keep this in the refrigerator after opening. And note, any nut butter is fine if you don’t have this one, just an idea…

This combo would also make a fantastic breakfast. So delicious, I hope you enjoy!

Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve! Cheers 2019!