Hey friends! And Merry Christmas Eve! Wow, I can’t believe the holiday season is really upon us. Our weekend was packed with Christmases at both sides of the family and as always a great time! There were lots of games played followed with lots of laughs. Those laughs that turn into crying laughing, ahh, the best. Mad Gab, bingo, pass-the-present, Adults vs. Kids, Catch Phrase and more. What are your favorite games to play with family?

Tuesday’s snack idea comes from Aldi. What great find and I hope they will always carry this item. I swear, I will find a product I love and then the next time they will not carry it, grrr! That goes with any store, I sometimes think I’m the only one buying it but hopefully I can spread the word and keep the goodies in stock.

I was very impressed with this product. Really! The apples, crackers and cheese all taste delicious!

Do you ever buy these kinds of packs at other stores and apples tastes awful? Or the cheese is soggy? I will get them for my kiddos and then they won’t eat them. And then I try to finish them and think, no wonder, they don’t tastes good.

But let’s be clear, this item is awesome! These apples are so tasty, maybe like a honey crisp 😱😍The crackers are crisp like a rice cracker. And the cheese is the perfect place as it fit the crackers. This is an absolute delicious little snack for anyone! (170 cal; 2g fiber; 14g carb, 7g protein)

I tried them out for the first time last week as I was crazy shopping. They kept my hunger levels stable and did I mention they were only $1.49! What?! Yes!

There’s another variety but can’t

remember what, I think it had nuts, craisins, apples and maybe pretzels? Something like that πŸ˜‰. I found them in as cooler right when I walked in (may differ per store).

Enjoy friends!