Tazo Tea – Friday Favorite!

Awww, the wonderful thing about colder weather is hot drinks!  Target had a great sale this week on Tazo teas, so that means I get to try more!  My favorite flavor is wild sweet orange.  I notice I like to add two bags in my cup for prickly pear cactus and elderberry blackberry flavors.

This is my go-to after dinner drink – keeps my mind out of the pantry, well almost.  A cup of herbal tea and light snack, like my favorite cheddar popcorn is a perfect pair while the kids and I snuggle up for our Indian in the Cupboard audio book or in front of the T.V. watching anything on Disney plus, eh?! 

Fun flavorful drinks are awesome to try to spark some interest in those taste buds. 

What is your favorite herbal tea? Or any other drink to try?

What are your favorite audio books to share with the kids?