What’s for Lunch? Easy Lunchbox Idea

Hey friends! It’s lunchtime today!  Ok, sorry for all the exclamations but I do love this lunchbox.   A crunch and munch lunch that is my favorite.  Oh, and don’t forget to pair yesterday’s chocolate + almonds with this to-go lunch (#chocolateaftereverymeal).

Here we have a carb-balance tortilla (use any tortilla you like) plus vegetable chips (Terra’s or Aldi brand) and a pink lady apple, yum! 

In the wrap, here is what I have used – Laughing Cow Garlic & Herb, tortilla and an English cucumber.  Next time I may add some turkey or ham, hmmmm!  The English cucumbers or mini cucumbers are my favorite because the skin is thinner and usually seedless (or tiny seed).  This type of cucumber is easier to digest. Cucumbers are very low in calories plus contain vitamin A, K and some potassium.  Also a source of fiber that helps keep the GI tract healthy.

Cheers friends and I hope you have wonderful Wednesday! XOXO