My Secret to Eating More Veggies!

Hey friends! I have shared this secret before but wanted to feature my vegetable tray that is seriously my go-to at the dinner table. I always bring out this container when I am making lunches in the morning.  This container keeps me a bit more organized in my mess of frig.

I have bought my container at T.J. Maxx years ago but here is a link at Amazon.

This container divides each type of vegetable to increase freshness.  And if there are some veggies that go bad, you don’t have throw them all out.  The dividers can be washed separated and add new veggies!

Another tip I try to do every other week is to swap out variety of veggies every other week.  This helps with keeping choices new and ditch a veggie that we might getting bored with.  My families FAVORITE fresh vegetable choices are: organic petite carrots (for some reason, they have more flavor than conventional baby carrots), mini cucumbers, cauliflower, red mini peppers and celery. 

I have used this container for fresh fruits, too!  I even use it as an organizer in my pantry for holding popcorn bags, granola bars, mini raisin boxes and oatmeal packets.  This container is extremely helpful and I am a big believer that if you keep things organized you can save money (because you know what you have) and you will eat better! 

If you make it, they will eat, right?! Well . . . not always the case . . . If you make it look pretty, they may eat more, eh?  Whatever is the trick for your family then you high five to you!  This is my “high-five” that works in my family.

There are so many pre-washed and pre-cut vegetables at the grocery store.  I love they make it even easier for us to eat fresh vegetables.  I just open the bag (wash) and dump into this container.  I hope you enjoy this tip and holler at me if you are unable to find the container.  (I featured this at one of my classes and many clients were asking where to get it!)