Single-Serving Taco Dip! Enjoy, Eat It All!

Single-Serving Taco Dip!  Enjoy, Eat It All!



Like many of you, the beginning of the year means eating better, right?  So how can I enjoy some of my favorite foods into my eating-better-plan?  I am a big believer in enjoying food and I love finding easy ways to make my favorite foods healthier without breaking the calorie budget.  I have a total crunch-tooth, aka, I am a sucker for any kind of chips and if there are chips then I really need some dip! Any kind of dip I will go for – sour cream and onion, guacamole, buffalo chicken, cheese dip and a favorite that sits on a pedestal for me, Seven-Layer Taco Dip!

I am so excited to share with you how I lightened-up this guilty pleasure to be a single-serving Taco Dip! This entire dip is ONE serving!  Yes, really!  Aren’t you excited!?  I make this for myself for lunch and I’m always stunned at how much food there is to eat.  Now since I can go crazy for chips and eat them right out of the bag, I do have to actually count out the proper number of tortilla chips and immediately put the bag of chips back in the pantry.  Hard, right?!  I do add some crunchy vegetables to eat with the dip to help clean up the contain of dip.  I like to add celery, mini sweet peppers, cucumber slices AND remember a single-serving of tortilla chips, in my case, only 14 tortilla chips. The number of tortilla chips per servings depends on which type of chips you buy.  Some recommended servings sizes can be as low as seven chip, so sad, but just pile on the good stuff and savor the dip!

Now for the dip . . . here is how I make the dip better-for-you  . . . replace the sour cream and cream cheese with non-fat Greek yogurt and trade up the refried beans for hummus . . . sounds great!  Let’s make this dip even easier!  Who really needs seven-layers for yourself?  Well, I could but I don’t always have that much time for myself and I decided to make a simple layered taco dip and include the bare basics of deliciousness – taco seasoned Greek yogurt, roasted red pepper hummus (my fav), organic salsa and top off with lettuce, shredded cheese and add something pretty, like tomatoes, green onions or in my case all I had on hand was mini sweet peppers so I diced them up for color!


What I love about this dip:  1) It tastes amazing!  2) It is almost too much to eat for one-serving, woohoo! 3) It totally satisfies my cravings for something salty and crunchy! 4) The nutrition facts per serving can totally fit into a healthy eating plan! 5) For a salty treat, it does not break the sodium budget – must use Mrs. Dash no-salt-added taco seasoning! And you can STILL have chips! 6) You can have the entire dip for lunch! 7) Now that we are in Lent season, this will totally be a Friday lunch!

This recipe fall nicely into any eating-better-for-you plan because it is so simple and you get to really ENJOY wholesome, healthy foods and feel satisfied!  This dip is a win-win – eating something you love while eating fresh vegetables plus a serving of filling protein and fiber, can you believe it!?  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do for lunch.  It is really great to make a couple of these dips for the week and have them ready to go when you need them.

I used a Pyrex 3-Cup Rectangle Food Storage container – It is a 5-by-7-inch container.  I just love them!  More surface area means more area for my big eyes to enjoy this dip!

Okay, let’s talk about the layers.  The first layer I used a 5.3-ounce container of non-fat plain Greek yogurt.  This plain yogurt is sometimes hard to find but most brands carry a plain variety.  Just make sure there is no-added-sugar, like in a vanilla flavor, blah!   I added one tablespoon of no-salt-added taco seasoning to the container and mixed together.

The next layer is simply two tablespoons of hummus, I used roasted red pepper for more flavor, whatever you like. Then add two tablespoons of your favorite salsa, here is my favorite, Hy-Vee Organic Salsa



I also have played around with the nutrition facts so you can decide what fits best for your calorie budget.

I use the app called Lose It on my phone and I think this is the best calorie budgeting app! Love the circle graphs when looking at macronutrients: Carbohydrate, Fat and Protein.  FYI, my chips that I used for a 2-ounce serving of tortilla chips is roughly around 140 calories; a 1-ounce serving is around 70 calories.  All chips are different in serving size and calories so if you look on the back of your bag and find the calories to be around 140 calories for a serving then you can following the nutrition facts I have below for a 2-ounce serving, just remember your serving size might be different . . .


Here are the nutrition facts for just 70 calories worth of tortilla chips, which is usually around 5 to 7 chips is one-ounce.




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