It’s Friday! Favorite Product Review– Honest Kids Juice

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Hey friends!  Well, here we are full force into the school year with all three kids in school and pre-school!  This is the first year I have all three kids in pre-school/school. That means I have exactly five hours of free time to myself each week!  Whoa . . it goes way too fast but I am always excited to come back to my kiddos and ask them how school went.   Yesterday, as I dropped off my two youngest kids to preschool, I was so happy that it was not my child screaming and crying walking into their classroom, whew! I am pretty sure my eyes were welling up with tears for those parents, so heartbreaking.  The start of school year these past two week have been a success and I am totally loving having a school schedule again.  Having a schedule, even though it is crazy, just makes me feel more productive (I think?).  Cheers to a great school year!

IMG_0988Anyway, today I am featuring a favorite juice, even though we are not big juice drinkers here, I am very happy that a manufacture has figured out we don’t have to have 100% sugar water.  Juice is a sometimes food/treat, not an everyday food, but what a great way to change it up for the kiddos while it may encourage them to drink more fluids!  It is always a great little go-to, on-the-go treat that my kids love. 

We are just getting into the whole fiasco of bringing treats for the weekly Saturday morning soccer games, ugh!  I have done my duty of signing up for the treat list and thinking this may be a good drink to bring?  Too small?  Would a kid be totally disappointed if I just  bought water bottles, but they should already have a reusable water bottle of their own, gaaahhh!?  Why do 5-year-olds need junk food after playing sports?  Did I miss something?  I get the fact it may entice some kids to actually come and play but is it really necessary? Then on top of the “treat”, I have my youngest screaming and wanting her brother’s snack. SIGH.  Sorry for the rant, maybe this is a whole blog post in itself, wink, wink. IMG_1003

Back to the focus for today – Honest Kids Juice – even though it is only contains 30% juice the calories and sugar are at least half of what a regular juice box would be for this small six-ounce size.  I am happy to see 100% of vitamin C!  I like getting the rest of our nutrients from real food, remember real food has fiber, yay, juice does not!   Enough said . . .but some flavored water that taste really good (like fully leaded juice) is always fun to have for a picnic, bonfire or active day of play.  Everything in moderation, right! 

Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!

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