It’s Friday! Favorite Product Review– Honest Kids Juice

It’s Friday! Favorite Product Review– Honest Kids Juice


Hey friends!  Well, here we are full force into the school year with all three kids in school and pre-school!  This is the first year I have all three kids in pre-school/school. That means I have exactly five hours of free time to myself each week!  Whoa . . it goes way too fast but I am always excited to come back to my kiddos and ask them how school went.   Yesterday, as I dropped off my two youngest kids to preschool, I was so happy that it was not my child screaming and crying walking into their classroom, whew! I am pretty sure my eyes were welling up with tears for those parents, so heartbreaking.  The start of school year these past two week have been a success and I am totally loving having a school schedule again.  Having a schedule, even though it is crazy, just makes me feel more productive (I think?).  Cheers to a great school year!

IMG_0988Anyway, today I am featuring a favorite juice, even though we are not big juice drinkers here, I am very happy that a manufacture has figured out we don’t have to have 100% sugar water.  Juice is a sometimes food/treat, not an everyday food, but what a great way to change it up for the kiddos while it may encourage them to drink more fluids!  It is always a great little go-to, on-the-go treat that my kids love. 

We are just getting into the whole fiasco of bringing treats for the weekly Saturday morning soccer games, ugh!  I have done my duty of signing up for the treat list and thinking this may be a good drink to bring?  Too small?  Would a kid be totally disappointed if I just  bought water bottles, but they should already have a reusable water bottle of their own, gaaahhh!?  Why do 5-year-olds need junk food after playing sports?  Did I miss something?  I get the fact it may entice some kids to actually come and play but is it really necessary? Then on top of the “treat”, I have my youngest screaming and wanting her brother’s snack. SIGH.  Sorry for the rant, maybe this is a whole blog post in itself, wink, wink. IMG_1003

Back to the focus for today – Honest Kids Juice – even though it is only contains 30% juice the calories and sugar are at least half of what a regular juice box would be for this small six-ounce size.  I am happy to see 100% of vitamin C!  I like getting the rest of our nutrients from real food, remember real food has fiber, yay, juice does not!   Enough said . . .but some flavored water that taste really good (like fully leaded juice) is always fun to have for a picnic, bonfire or active day of play.  Everything in moderation, right! 

Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!