Pack a Perfect Lunch!


Hey friends! Love this idea of packing lunches because usually I graze for the entire day and then at about 3 p.m.  I am ravenous and pull out leftovers from the frig or make a giant plate of nachos and try to get in some veggies to make myself feel better.  Here are all my ingredients and utensils.


Here is what I included in my pre-made, read-to-go lunches: Apple Gouda Chicken Sausage (to dye for!), 18 veggie straws or 9 veggie pop chips, one-ounce hummus and a variety of vegetables.   Here are the nutritionals: 280 calories; 26 g carbohydrate; 11 g fat; 22 g protein; 754 mg sodium; 6 g sugar; 7 g fiber.  I think that is pretty darn good and what I love best is this little lunch is so satisfying!  The sausage and chips are my favorite of course – I feel like I’m eating splurging at picnic! Sometimes I heat the sausage in a small glass bowl, other times I just eat cold – good either way!


I found these containers on Amazon, I love the division of sizes but some of the lids are not fitting very well, therefore ruining some of my lunches, grr!  I picked these because I thought they would be perfect to fit a wrap!   They are good but not great.  I also used the regular Ziploc divided containers which are okay, too.



Get the veggie container out and load up! Woohoo!  I  know I am a dork but there is something about it that really excites me when I see a pretty, colorful vegetable container.  Makes a dietitian happy! 


These little cupcake liners are perfect to hold the dip!  I weighed out a one-ounce serving of hummus.  Could mix it up and do a dressing, guacamole or nuts – anything small servings works great!


The other day I was starving and the kids were begging to play on the driveway and when I am hungry I get grumpy, so I just opened up a meal and took it outside and watched the kids play!  Catastrophe dodged!  Happy mom = happy kids!   These are going to be great during the summer for picnics too!