Mango Mimosas!


Hello friends!  As spring has sprung and windows are open . . . ahh . . . yes, the spring we have been waiting for, I wanted to feature a simple, yet amazing little drink I came up with awhile back.  This little drink would be perfect in celebration at a shower, the morning of a wedding or just plain ole’ anytime.  I shared this drink with friends at a bonfire the other week and it was tasty as ever! 


Instead of the regular OJ, I was in search of finding a different juice.  I was looking in the juice aisle at the store, reading labels, looking at ingredients and was not finding what I wanted.  I was thinking something like a mango juice but all I found was a nectar with other flavors and of course some unwanted added sugar in a variety of juices – not 100% juice, bummer!   So, onto plan B . . . then I thought about the bag of frozen mango in my freezer, ah-ha!  I said to myself “Why not just puree the mango with some water and make my own nectar/juice, eh?” 


Well, fortunately my plan worked and I will have to say this is one of my favorite drinks and I have made this many times. Generally about about a one to two ratio of water to frozen mango.   Here is the champagne that I used for the drink.


Cheers!  I love those little fingers reaching for her own mango puree drink.  It is a good idea to make extra mango puree because the kiddos always see the yummy drink and want some too!   May add some sparkling water for the kids drink or just the mango puree/juice is delicious by itself! 


I will have to say frozen mango is one of my favorite treats/desserts!  And by using frozen mango it provides a refreshing cool element to the champagne. As for mangoes, they are a rock star fruit and packed with essential nutrients Mangoes are a good source of fiber, vitamin A, folic acid, vitamin C and high in potassium.  Woohoo, go mango!

Mango Mimosas


2 cups frozen mango chunks

1 cup water

1 bottle chilled sparkling wine or champagne


  •  In a blender puree mango and water until smooth.
  • To make by the glass fill glasses about 1/3 full with the mango puree and then add the wine or champagne.